How to use turnkey solutions to simplify your dropship business

When creating an e-commerce website, it’s easy to get caught up in making your site look perfect for your visitors. Sometimes flashy graphics and design elements are chosen over standards compliance. However, it’s important to remember that your visitors will likely enter your site through a search engine. There’s no point optimizing your website entirely for visitors if they’ll never make it to your site. You need to ensure that your website is accessible not only to your users but also to search engines. For many of you that are purchasing turnkey websites, this is usually something that is out of your control or something that you will not be implementing yourself. After all, the point of a turnkey solutions is about reducing the overall complexity of your business and avoiding any programming work. What characteristics should you be looking for when selecting a turnkey business provider? If you’re not skilled with SEO then you might want to ask someone that is knowledgeable in the topic. However, there are some basic things that you can do yourself to help you pick a good adult turnkey solution.

First and foremost, ask any potential turnkey solution provider for demos of their websites. Run their turnkey adult websites through an HTML validator to ensure that it complies and validates against an HTML standard. I prefer XHTML Strict but as long as a page validates against some standard, that’s a good sign. If you have the opportunity, go with adult websites that pass XHTML Strict over Transitional variants. You’ll have better chances of your websites rendering correctly across all browsers and operating systems by doing so. HTML5 is also an acceptable option but it’s still fairly new and less established which is why I tend to shy away from it. By ensuring that your turnkey websites comply with an HTML standard, you’ll not only benefit your visitors but you’ll also appear more appealing to search engines since your site will be easier to index.

Be sure to check that a potential solution provider's turnkey adult websites validate against an HTML standard without errors.

The next important factor to check for before purchasing any turnkey websites is the page speed. What I mean by this is the actual amount of time that it takes for a page within your website to load. You want  all of the pages in your adult websites to load quickly and consistently. Today’s visitors have a very short attention span due to an abundance of choice, any page that takes longer than a couple of seconds to load might very well be dismissed. Make sure that your provider has invested some time and effort into more than just standards compliance. It’s very common to find websites that comply to standards but load very slowly. Just like standards compliance, the speed at which your pages load affect not only your visitors but also how search engines perceive your websites.

The speed of a page can be improved through numerous methods such as caching, standards compliance, image and content compression, minimizing CSS and javascript, combining scripts, etc. If you’re not afraid to get a little bit technical, you can actually analyze the speed of a page through a great little tool called Page Speed by Google. It’s available as a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser extension or you can run it directly online. With Page Speed, you’ll get an in-dept view of how well your adult turnkey solution is designed. Don’t worry if the website doesn’t get all A’s across the board, there are very few sites that will get that grading and still be useful. What you should be looking for is glaring shortcomings such as uncompressed images or scripts that are not minimized. You can also eye-ball the performance of the turnkey adult websites if you’re not technically inclined just be sure to take into account the speed of your connection and your intended audience.

And finally, one of the most important things when it comes to turnkey adult websites based on dropshipping is to ensure that character encoding is handled properly. It’s a little known fact that there are numerous character sets used throughout the world and on the web which can affect the way your website displays to a visitor. You need to be aware of your potential market (i.e. whom you’ll be marketing your services to) and the encoding used by your dropshipper and your adult turnkey provider. The ideal solution would be to have all parties using the same character encoding. In cases where your dropshipper uses a different character set than that of your website, you need to ensure that your turnkey solution provider is cognizant of this fact and is taking the proper steps to ensure that the appropriate conversions are taking place. Character encoding is a tricky topic which is likely suitable for a separate entry altogether but for the layman, you can easily spot it by browsing pages of your adult website and looking for any strange characters (i.e. dimonds, or seemingly garbled text). You can even contact potential turnkey adult websites providers and see if they seem knowledgeable about the topic. When possible, opt for UTF-8 encoding.

Selecting a good turnkey adult provider can be a stressful and time consuming process. By taking steps to ensure that your provider has the success of your business in mind rather than just their own, you’ll pave a better path for the future of your business.


The hardest part about starting an adult dropship business is finding a good supplier. Dropshipping isn’t exactly a popular product that people write rants and reviews about. It’s a very specific niche for a small group of people, many of which who do not wish to share their secrets when they discover a profitable source. So how do you find a good dropshipper aside from trial and error? The answer to this requires a technical understanding of data transformation and sharing. If you lack the skill, I highly recommend that you hire someone to examine a couple of dropshippers for you before you begin your adult business or consider a turnkey solution. Not only will it save you time but it’ll also save you money and protect your websites and valuable domain names from a poor reputation.

What exactly needs to be examined? For the most part, you want to check the dropshipper’s technical assets and skill. What I mean by this is that you need to ensure they have a technically modern and advanced system on which their services are provided. A manufacturer that cannot track their own inventory or provide real-time or daily data updates about their adult products via XML or CSV cannot be trusted. If your dropshipper does provide these services, make sure their XML or CSV files meet industry standards or better yet, check them for validity with W3C validators. And most importantly, make sure their data provides sufficient information which will allow you to populate your own turnkey adult websites with products, images and descriptions in an automated fashion. You want to work with a supplier that will allow you to achieve 100% automation in data loading because managing any of this manually is a futile effort.

Sound like a lot work? It is but if you go through with it, you’ll ensure that you get started in the right direction. There’s nothing worse than putting in a considerable amount of your own time and money to later find out that your dropshipper cannot deliver on their promises. If you cannot afford to hire someone to manage this for you or you don’t plan to start a full-time operation in the beginning, you can also look into turnkey adult websites. An adult turnkey solution from a reputable provider will include a dropshipper that has all of the above features including fully automated systems in place so you don’t have to do it yourself. Some dropshipper’s provide their own adult turnkey websites but from my experience, they usually don’t measure up either due to inexperienced coding or conflicting interests. Remember, a dropshipper’s main business is distributing products, find a company that specializes in e-commerce when it comes to your website.

Dropshipping with turnkey adult websites can help you avoid the technical requirements of managing product data feeds and reduce the overall complexity of your business.

Which ever way you side to go, make sure you continue to evaluate your dropshipper. If you notice anything that you feel might affect the performance of your adult websites, let them know! After all, a dropshipper is relying on your success to make a profit off of their dropship program. A good adult manufacturer will usually keep you up-to-date regarding changes to their systems which might affect their customer. Make sure that you stay in contact with them by subscribing to their email alerts if necessary. This will help you be more prepared to detail with changes if they occur. As your websites and adult business become more established, it might even be a good idea to start looking for a backup dropshipper. Just in case your website can’t adapt to changes made by your original manufacturer, you should be ready to make a switch quickly to save your business.

As I mentioned above, an adult turnkey solution can help you manage much of these requirements. By outsourcing your product sourcing, you won’t have to manage any data feeds or continually evaluate and monitor dropshippers. A good turnkey adult websites provider ensure that their business as well as yours is linked to reputable sources with multiple back-up provides should the need ever arise. What this should mean for you is a seamless business solution which provide you with the time that you need to market and run your operation without having to manage the technical details. For those of you that are new to adult business, you might wish to start with a turnkey solution.

For any of you that have attempted to start a dropship business, you’ve likely come across a major road block when trying to import their product data. Unless you’re a skilled programmer familiar with parsing and transforming data, this can actually become a monumental task. This is especially true if your manufacturer carries a large number of items and an inventory that changes frequently. Not only will you have to do the initial data load but you’ll also have to manage the updates weekly (if not daily) through a similar script. If your dropshipper adds products frequently, you’ll also want to add these to your site as them become available. Managing all of this while running the day-to-day operations of your business can simply be too much for a sole proprietorship.

In this article we discuss methods for how you can go about reducing your technical requirement while still managing the dropshipper’s data. So how does the non-technical entrepreneur go about starting an adult business based on dropshipping? You can either hire individual resources to create and maintain your scripts or you can subscribe to a service that manages it for you. I can tell you from experience it’s definitely cheaper to do the latter. There are a number of turnkey adult websites available which will integrate with a reputable dropshipper’s data feed so that you don’t have to manage it yourself. You get all the benefits of a standard business operation including an e-commerce website which you control but without the technical hassle of the data feed. Most importantly, turnkey adult websites can be obtained at affordable rates making them a feasible alternative.

It’s important to realize that you cannot manage everything. Well, you could but you’d probably suffer from a degradation of service to your customers. Outsource your technical requirements to free up more time which can be used for marketing and customer support. There’s no shame in admitting that you do not have a particular skill. In fact, a good entrepreneur can spot their own weakness and fill the gaps with the appropriate expertise. By obtaining a professional solution for your dropship business, your website will benefit from up-to-date data and up-to-the-minute product additions. Not only is a fresh website good for your customers but it’ll also help you in search engines. A good turnkey solution will use the new data to its advantage to achieve these results. Turnkey adult websites can help you manage your dropshipper’s data feed allowing you to free up valuable time and focus your efforts where your skills excel.

Managing your dropshipper's XML or CSV data feed can be simplified through turnkey adult websites.

Before you jump in with your websites, make sure you do some research. Not every adult turnkey solution is the same. Determine what your requirements are for your websites and how much control you would like. Some turnkey businesses can manage more than you’d like while others not enough. Never lock yourself into a solution that claims to run on autopilot. There is simply no such thing. All websites requires human interaction and constant attention to be successful. Those that are a little more tech-savvy will likely want to be able to customize their e-commerce shops and have access to advanced features. If this isn’t you, make sure that you find a solution that can provide the automation that you require with enough flexibility for customization.

Determining whether you actually need turnkey adult websites or a custom built solution comes with experience, budget and your needs. If you’ve got a great deal of capital to spare and you plan to make this a full-fledged operation, then you’ll much rather opt for a custom built solution. For those of you that are looking to create a part-time business which you can operate in your spare time, it’s imperative that your solution is affordable and still allows room for profit. In this case, an adult turnkey solution might be just what you’re looking for. Managing your dropshipper’s data feed is important no matter which way you go so make sure you invest some time into research before making any decisions. You cannot build a successful adult dropship business without accurate and timely data.

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